Karen DeSoto – Co-director of the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies

There are many successful people all across the world, but only a few of them inspire others to achieve great things in life. Talk of the attorneys that the country has, and there are thousands of them who have excellent knowledge and skills, but do not really come forward to help others with this knowledge that they hold.

However, Karen DeSoto is different.

With a remarkable personality and the right mindset that believes in the welfare of the community at large, she is determined to help people at every step of her life. Apart from being a notable attorney at law for the past so many years, and changing the world of on-air legal analysis with her excellent attitude and high intellect, the lady is now the Co-Director of the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies at the NJCU School of Business (CIMS).

NJCU & Karen DeSoto’s Association

Before joining the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies as a Co-Director, Karen DeSoto was associated with the New Jersey City University (NJCU) as an assistant professor of Political Science.

Taking this association further, Karen is believed to do justice with her position as the co-director at the Center and is believed to prove her mettle once again by being a support to the Center and offering her resolute assistance to fulfil the Center’s ambition related to the promotion of international negotiation and mediation techniques that are employed in managing disputes in cross border commercial, investor-state, and general conflict resolution forums.


A Reliable On-Air Legal Analyst – Karen DeSoto

There is no denying the fact that when complicated legal trials are presented to the public, a legal analyst can bring it into perspective, helping the viewer better understand the law and its implications.

About Karen DeSoto

A well-respected attorney, Karen DeSoto has experience in various areas that include election law, civil rights, employment discrimination, and criminal defense.

Apart from years of practice in the court room, DeSoto also appears on-air in popular shows such as The Today Show, MSNBC, and ABC News. She provides insights into the legal situations regarding high profile stories in the news.

Karen’s Role as an On-Air Legal Analyst / Media Commentator

Karen has appeared on television to weigh in on such cases as the Oscar Pistorius trial, Douglas Kennedy case, John Edwards case, Rutgers University spy case, Michael Jackson death, Bill Cosby, Robert Durst trial, to name but a few.

Karen speaks the audience in a way that bridges the legal jargon with the legal implications at hand, to give the viewer an inside look at the case. She explains the legal strategies and theories on a case by case basis.

Dealing with Employment Discrimination

If someone asks you whether you can escape Employment Discrimination, or for that matter, avoid it from occurring at all, your answer might not be positive. This is because there are many scenarios wherein certain discrimination might occur on the part of an employer, wh0 is much more difficult to accuse than a fellow employee.

Now, if you are wondering what actually qualifies as Employment Discrimination, then it is important to note that in the United States of America, this sort of discrimination takes place when an employer or their representative(s) impertinently isolates or differentiates employees or job applicants for a particular job, promotion, transfer, training, or any such matter, if such action is based on factors like race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. .

So, what can you do in case you encounter any such experience?

Well, approaching a qualified and experienced attorney at law is an important first step. And, finding an attorney with employment discrimination is all the more important. Law has many top areas of expertise, and employment discrimination is a specialty field. You wouldn’t hire the gas attendant to your car. You’d hire a mechanic, and if your car was foreign, you’d find a mechanic that specializes in working on that type of car. So why not use the same discretion when hiring an attorney, especially one that is going too handle a case that deals with your very livelihood?

Employee discrimination is complex, and the fall-out of such litigation can be financially devastating to the employer or employee depending on the course the litigation takes. And it is not limited to financial loss, but can also cause mental and emotion stress, leading in turn to fatigue, sleep disorders and other problems. This can make it difficult for the employee to focus on their professional and/or personal life.

Thus, when searching for a competent and well known attorney at law for an employment discrimination litigation process, it is paramount to find right professional.

Karen DeSoto is a renowned attorney at law that has experience in cases related to employment discrimination, as well as other specialty areas like criminal defense, civil rights, and election law.