Karen DeSoto – Co-director of the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies

There are many successful people all across the world, but only a few of them inspire others to achieve great things in life. Talk of the attorneys that the country has, and there are thousands of them who have excellent knowledge and skills, but do not really come forward to help others with this knowledge that they hold.

However, Karen DeSoto is different.

With a remarkable personality and the right mindset that believes in the welfare of the community at large, she is determined to help people at every step of her life. Apart from being a notable attorney at law for the past so many years, and changing the world of on-air legal analysis with her excellent attitude and high intellect, the lady is now the Co-Director of the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies at the NJCU School of Business (CIMS).

NJCU & Karen DeSoto’s Association

Before joining the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies as a Co-Director, Karen DeSoto was associated with the New Jersey City University (NJCU) as an assistant professor of Political Science.

Taking this association further, Karen is believed to do justice with her position as the co-director at the Center and is believed to prove her mettle once again by being a support to the Center and offering her resolute assistance to fulfil the Center’s ambition related to the promotion of international negotiation and mediation techniques that are employed in managing disputes in cross border commercial, investor-state, and general conflict resolution forums.


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