3 Things You Can Learn From Karen DeSoto

The legal world is full of personalities to be admired. There are many people who you can look up to and learn so much from. One such name in the legal industry is Karen DeSoto. A well-known attorney at law, she is much more than that, and this gives us many reasons to be inspired from her. Here are three things from the various things that you can learn from this lady!

How to be Multi-Talented and Enjoy It? – Not just an attorney, Karen is multi-talented. She is a university professor who teaches young minds and inspires them, she is also a community activist and an ‘on-air’ legal analyst who has appeared on CNN, ABC News, Fox News, Court TV, MSNBC, The TODAY Show, and NBC News.

How to Make Sure you Study what You Love? – From the very beginning Karen Desoto knew that she is going to make it big in the legal world. Perhaps, this is the reason why she realized her passion and attended the Beasley School of Law at Temple University; where she obtained a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy. She understood that she needs to know the field better in order to do justice to her profession, and thus, studied well before pursuing her career in the legal world.

How to Serve the Community at Large? – Over the years, Karen DeSoto has remained completely involved in her community. She has worked Pro Bono for several civil rights cases, and her efforts have been recognized with the very many awards that she has received. Some of them being the Humanitarian of the Year by the Bayonne youth Center, Attorney of the Year by the Heritage Foundation, and the rest.


Karen Desoto Is The Ideal 21st Century Woman

In a world with dwindling attention spans, where the only people remembered are famous movie stars; Karen DeSoto has made a name for herself. While you may have spotted her on TV in the course of a news segment, she is no reality celebrity. In fact, Karen DeSoto has every attribute that you treasure in the ideal 21st century woman. Read on to find out why-

  • She Steered Clear of Material Aspirations

A woman of abundant beauty, she could have easily pursued a career that catapulted her to fame with a movie debut. However, she did not choose this and neither did she go for vocations that her naturally good looks qualified her for. Instead, she chose to become a lawyer and went on to be a humanitarian.

  • She is Truly Miss Independent

The world needs women who are focused on professional success as well as keen on becoming responsible individuals of the society. Karen DeSoto is one such woman who is truly Miss Independent for she followed up her success in the field of law by being a TV legal analyst. She is the reason why ladies today believe that there are no limits to their dreams and that they have the power to be triumphant in any industry that suits their fancy with the dedication and willpower possessed by Karen DeSoto.

Popular polls say that Karen DeSoto is a lady who is held in high esteem and approved of as someone young Americans can look up to and aspire to be someday.

Karen Desoto – An Inspiration to Women Around the World

Karen Desoto, a resident of New Jersey has been a tremendous inspiration to women who want to bring about a change. Her zeal to outperform has made her a role model for young women not just in Jersey, but around the world.

Playing Multiple Roles Successfully

A lawyer by profession, today, she is an activist, humanitarian, advocate, TV legal analyst and a university professor. Karen holds a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Law degree. Her career began as a public defender in Somerset New Jersey and then progressed as a Prosecutor in Hunterdon County. She has also been a lawyer at a private practice before she began her own Institute for Dispute Resolution where she is a visiting professor. She has been awarded and felicitated for her various efforts and contributions towards the society.

Giving Back to the Community

Karen Desoto is the perfect example of an established woman who is not just all about success, but also about giving it back. She dedicatedly devotes her time and energy to serve the society by taking up Pro Bono cases, acting as a mentor and activist, focusing on civil and workplace discrimination rights and serving on the Board of various non-profit organizations in NJ. She also takes up cases that highlight racial issues in the country for the Hispanic community.

Karen Desoto is a living example of a woman that can have it all and do it all. While she is a force to be reckoned with in the legal sector, she is also a renowned TV legal advisor, a helpful activist and an awarded Humanitarian.

3 Reasons Why Karen Desoto Is The Perfect Role Model For American Women

If you thought it impossible to have it all when it came to personal and professional success, then you must meet Karen Desoto. A multifaceted personality, she has mastered life as a lawyer, an activist as well as on-air legal analyst. Peruse through the top three reasons why she makes the perfect role model for young Americans.

  1. Her academic success shows the fruits of hard work

A woman who was always very intrigued by law, she studied it with ardent passion at Rutgers University, and The Beasley School of Law. Excelling in school work she earned a Juris Doctorate in addition to her Masters of Law Degree. She is the perfect example of a model student for thousands of youths and her subsequent career trajectory plainly presents the fruits of hard work.

  1. Her law legacy suggests tenacity

Academic triumph saw her through her initial days as a public defender and later prosecutor where she toiled for several years. Establishing the The Center for Justice she chose to make a change in people’s lives in New Jersey. What followed was a series of high-flying jobs in her flourishing legal career that also saw her on-air as a legal analyst, which led to several television appearances. Co-founding the Institute For Dispute Resolution; Karen proved her flair for law and business being an immaculate professional.

  1. A selfless humanitarian

Not only has she worked hard for her many accomplishments, but she also maintains the perfect work-life balance and is quite the humanitarian. She has taken on several Pro Bono civil rights cases, acts as a wise mentor and is an ardent activist. Bayonne Youth Center even awarded her Humanitarian of the year and she was appreciated for improving the local community.

Hailing from New Jersey, Karen Desoto has inspired scores of New Yorkers as well as countless other women to achieve the heights of personal and professional success.

Woman Got Jailed For Refusing To Testify – What Did Karen Desoto Say On This?

Karen DeSoto, an NBC on-air legal analyst recently joined Richard Lui and NBC News correspondent Kristen Dahlgren to talk over a domestic violence case in Florida, wherein a domestic abuse victim was sent to jail for three days for refusing to testify against her husband.

Karen DeSoto believes that it is problematic for prosecutors and it’s very frustrating to prosecute such cases. She thinks that it is disturbing because the victim refuses to testify with the fear of the man losing his job, which puts the prosecutor in a very uncomfortable position.

Karen expresses sympathy for the victim who was suffering from post-traumatic stress, and who had a knife and was choked. As per Karen, putting the victim in the jail when she is also a mom of a one year old is disturbing.

Another thing that she pointed out was that the judge could have done whatever she wanted in the case. She could have sentenced the victim to serve community service, or she could have given her a pass. Even after being traumatized and abused, the victim had been put in jail, which according to Karen, is not fixing the problem, but re-abusing the victim.

Later in the show, Karen stated that the fix to this problem is to not to throw victims in jail, but rather send them for outreach programs where they can be given counseling, as jail is not going to fix that.