3 Reasons Why Karen Desoto Is The Perfect Role Model For American Women

If you thought it impossible to have it all when it came to personal and professional success, then you must meet Karen Desoto. A multifaceted personality, she has mastered life as a lawyer, an activist as well as on-air legal analyst. Peruse through the top three reasons why she makes the perfect role model for young Americans.

  1. Her academic success shows the fruits of hard work

A woman who was always very intrigued by law, she studied it with ardent passion at Rutgers University, and The Beasley School of Law. Excelling in school work she earned a Juris Doctorate in addition to her Masters of Law Degree. She is the perfect example of a model student for thousands of youths and her subsequent career trajectory plainly presents the fruits of hard work.

  1. Her law legacy suggests tenacity

Academic triumph saw her through her initial days as a public defender and later prosecutor where she toiled for several years. Establishing the The Center for Justice she chose to make a change in people’s lives in New Jersey. What followed was a series of high-flying jobs in her flourishing legal career that also saw her on-air as a legal analyst, which led to several television appearances. Co-founding the Institute For Dispute Resolution; Karen proved her flair for law and business being an immaculate professional.

  1. A selfless humanitarian

Not only has she worked hard for her many accomplishments, but she also maintains the perfect work-life balance and is quite the humanitarian. She has taken on several Pro Bono civil rights cases, acts as a wise mentor and is an ardent activist. Bayonne Youth Center even awarded her Humanitarian of the year and she was appreciated for improving the local community.

Hailing from New Jersey, Karen Desoto has inspired scores of New Yorkers as well as countless other women to achieve the heights of personal and professional success.


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