3 Reasons Why Karen Desoto Is A Woman To Admire


Karen DeSoto has built a reputation of a woman of knowledge, grit, and energy. She has a storied career that includes lawyer, television personality., professor, advocate, and mentor.

She was the youngest lawyer, the first woman and first hispanic to ever be named Chief Corporate Counsel for the city of Jersey City, NJ.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we think she is a woman to admire.

We Admire Her For Continuously Contributing Towards Her Community

 Be it as a mentor, as an activist, or a vocal advocate who practices law in the areas of civil rights, workplace discrimination rights, election and criminal law, Karen Desoto has taken on many pro bono and/or contingency cases to stand for those that had no voice alone. She is both caring and fierce, earning honors like Humanitarian of the Year; Top 50 Most Influential (list), Attorney of the Year; Top 50 Hispanics on the Move (list), and one of six honored recently by the NAACP (Jersey City Chapter).

We Admire Her For Her Spirit To Spread The Knowledge That She Has Gained

 Together with David Weiss she co-founded the Institute for Dispute Resolution at New Jersey City University, where she serves as the Institute’s  co-director, and as a professor. She has long given back to young people, as a guest speaker at colleges and community centers in the area, and as a coach for the Institute students who she works with in preparation for for international mock trials and other competitions they attend and participate in.

We Admire Her For Her Passion

Karen Desoto is also a  legal analyst for NBC News, appearing on air to provide legal insight for high profile cases in the news. Through the years Ms. Desoto has appeared on NBC News, The Today Show, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, and Headline News.


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