3 Things about Karen Desoto That You Should Know


She Is a Thorough Professional

Karen’s career includes practicing law, appearing on TV as a legal analyst for NBC News, a university professor, and the co-founder of the Institute for Dispute Resolution. This combined with her fervent local activism in her community has received notice more than once, with her winning praise and awards throughout — named top 50 most influential in Hudson County, Attorney of the Year, honored by the NAACP, and many more.

She Has the Knowledge Backed By Qualifications

Karen DeSoto holds a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy from the Beasley School of Law at Temple University.

Her Experience in the Field Is Worth Appreciating

After graduation, Karen served as a public defender and then prosecutor, before becoming a part of the private sector. By the year 2000, she established the Center for Legal Justice – a law firm focusing on civil rights, employment discrimination, and election law.  In 2001, she became the first woman, first Hispanic and the youngest person to be ever appointed as Chief Corporate Counsel for the city of Jersey City, New Jersey.


3 Things That Makes A Good TV Legal Analyst

This is a curious world that we live in. Most of us are happy to learn new things and gain information on various subjects. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that many of us are on the constant lookout for expert views.

So, for those who are searching for those brainy people in the legal world who can give valuable insights to their TV audience on the latest legal matters, here are some simple tips to follow!


Look At The 3 E’s: Education, Experience & Expertise

You can never undermine the importance of education when it comes to the law. A legal analyst can’t share insights without a strong understanding of the law itself. And while that education is important, they must also be able to interpret that law and its application to the case at hand. The law has a lot of jargon, legal-ese as it were, so look for an analyst that can break it down into layman’s terms.

Find And Follow

Most on air commentators have a digital footprint. Legal analysts are no different. Most have a website and various social media pages to engage and interact with their followers. If you were to review the website of , an on air legal analyst for NBC News. you’d see that she has appeared on many TV shows to discuss high profile cases; this include the Conrad Murray case (regarding the death of Michael Jackson), the Boston Marathon bombing, and many others. She also maintains professional profiles on Facebook, G+, Linkedin and Twitter.


Remember – ‘Communication’ Is The Key!

 Breaking down and converting legal jargon into everyday English and, presenting a clear and concise explanation of what is happening, what could happen — and why –, is what makes a good news show legal analyst.

3 Reasons Why Karen Desoto Is A Woman To Admire


Karen DeSoto has built a reputation of a woman of knowledge, grit, and energy. She has a storied career that includes lawyer, television personality., professor, advocate, and mentor.

She was the youngest lawyer, the first woman and first hispanic to ever be named Chief Corporate Counsel for the city of Jersey City, NJ.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we think she is a woman to admire.

We Admire Her For Continuously Contributing Towards Her Community

 Be it as a mentor, as an activist, or a vocal advocate who practices law in the areas of civil rights, workplace discrimination rights, election and criminal law, Karen Desoto has taken on many pro bono and/or contingency cases to stand for those that had no voice alone. She is both caring and fierce, earning honors like Humanitarian of the Year; Top 50 Most Influential (list), Attorney of the Year; Top 50 Hispanics on the Move (list), and one of six honored recently by the NAACP (Jersey City Chapter).

We Admire Her For Her Spirit To Spread The Knowledge That She Has Gained

 Together with David Weiss she co-founded the Institute for Dispute Resolution at New Jersey City University, where she serves as the Institute’s  co-director, and as a professor. She has long given back to young people, as a guest speaker at colleges and community centers in the area, and as a coach for the Institute students who she works with in preparation for for international mock trials and other competitions they attend and participate in.

We Admire Her For Her Passion

Karen Desoto is also a  legal analyst for NBC News, appearing on air to provide legal insight for high profile cases in the news. Through the years Ms. Desoto has appeared on NBC News, The Today Show, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, and Headline News.

How is Karen DeSoto every woman’s inspiration?

Karen Desoto –  a trusted lawyer

  • Over the years, Karen DeSoto has earned a distinction for herself in the world of law
  • Budding attorneys in the country, admire her for her skills and knowledge about the field
  • She attended the Beasley School of Law at Temple University where she obtained a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy
  • Later, she served as a public defender and then as a prosecutor, before finally making her way to the private sector
  • By the year 2000, she established the Center for Legal Justice which is a law firm created with the aim to focus on civil rights, employment discrimination, and election law


Karen Desoto has received recognition for her hard work

Karen Desoto – An Attorney Who Never Fails To Devote Her Time To Her Community

It is rare to find a career-oriented person taking time out of their busy lives and working towards the community that they are a part of. Karen DeSoto is the living example; she never fails to contribute towards her community, while juggling a hectic career as an attorney, legal analyst for NBC News, a professor at New Jersey City University, and co-director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution. She often took on legal cases pro bono or on contingency to give legal voice to those who could not afford one.


A permanent resident of New Jersey, Karen DeSoto has expertise in the areas of criminal law, workplace discrimination, and election law.  While she still practices law, she has also appeared on television since providing legal insights for some of the highest profile cases in the news. In 2013 she became an on-air legal for NBC News, thought she also appears on many other news channels.

Today she is very active as a professor at NJCU, and particularly at the university’s Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Her community thought remains close to her heart, and through the years she has been recognized for not only her talents – as the youngest person, first woman, and first Hispanic to ever serve as Chief Counsel for the city of Jersey City, appointed by the late Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham.

Her efforts have been noticed, appreciated and lauded by many. Some of the recognitions that she has received over the years include:

  • She was selected as the Attorney of the year at the 50th Annual Puerto Rican Heritage Festival and Parade in 2010.
  • She was also awarded the Humanitarian of the Year award, by the City of Bayonne Youth Center for her priceless charitable contributions.
  • In the October 2011 Hispanics on the Move issue of Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine, Karen was selected to their list of people making a difference.
  • She was also called “a force to be reckoned with” in a 2012 article in The Hudson Reporter, where she was listed as one of the Most Influential People in Hudson County (NJ).
  • In 2015, the Jersey City Chapter of the NAACP honored Karen DeSoto, along with other dignitaries for their contributions towards the betterment of the community.

Karen DeSoto – Co-director of the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies

There are many successful people all across the world, but only a few of them inspire others to achieve great things in life. Talk of the attorneys that the country has, and there are thousands of them who have excellent knowledge and skills, but do not really come forward to help others with this knowledge that they hold.

However, Karen DeSoto is different.

With a remarkable personality and the right mindset that believes in the welfare of the community at large, she is determined to help people at every step of her life. Apart from being a notable attorney at law for the past so many years, and changing the world of on-air legal analysis with her excellent attitude and high intellect, the lady is now the Co-Director of the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies at the NJCU School of Business (CIMS).

NJCU & Karen DeSoto’s Association

Before joining the Center for International Mediation and Negotiation Studies as a Co-Director, Karen DeSoto was associated with the New Jersey City University (NJCU) as an assistant professor of Political Science.

Taking this association further, Karen is believed to do justice with her position as the co-director at the Center and is believed to prove her mettle once again by being a support to the Center and offering her resolute assistance to fulfil the Center’s ambition related to the promotion of international negotiation and mediation techniques that are employed in managing disputes in cross border commercial, investor-state, and general conflict resolution forums.

A Reliable On-Air Legal Analyst – Karen DeSoto

There is no denying the fact that when complicated legal trials are presented to the public, a legal analyst can bring it into perspective, helping the viewer better understand the law and its implications.

About Karen DeSoto

A well-respected attorney, Karen DeSoto has experience in various areas that include election law, civil rights, employment discrimination, and criminal defense.

Apart from years of practice in the court room, DeSoto also appears on-air in popular shows such as The Today Show, MSNBC, and ABC News. She provides insights into the legal situations regarding high profile stories in the news.

Karen’s Role as an On-Air Legal Analyst / Media Commentator

Karen has appeared on television to weigh in on such cases as the Oscar Pistorius trial, Douglas Kennedy case, John Edwards case, Rutgers University spy case, Michael Jackson death, Bill Cosby, Robert Durst trial, to name but a few.

Karen speaks the audience in a way that bridges the legal jargon with the legal implications at hand, to give the viewer an inside look at the case. She explains the legal strategies and theories on a case by case basis.