Karen Desoto Is The Ideal 21st Century Woman

In a world with dwindling attention spans, where the only people remembered are famous movie stars; Karen DeSoto has made a name for herself. While you may have spotted her on TV in the course of a news segment, she is no reality celebrity. In fact, Karen DeSoto has every attribute that you treasure in the ideal 21st century woman. Read on to find out why-

  • She Steered Clear of Material Aspirations

A woman of abundant beauty, she could have easily pursued a career that catapulted her to fame with a movie debut. However, she did not choose this and neither did she go for vocations that her naturally good looks qualified her for. Instead, she chose to become a lawyer and went on to be a humanitarian.

  • She is Truly Miss Independent

The world needs women who are focused on professional success as well as keen on becoming responsible individuals of the society. Karen DeSoto is one such woman who is truly Miss Independent for she followed up her success in the field of law by being a TV legal analyst. She is the reason why ladies today believe that there are no limits to their dreams and that they have the power to be triumphant in any industry that suits their fancy with the dedication and willpower possessed by Karen DeSoto.

Popular polls say that Karen DeSoto is a lady who is held in high esteem and approved of as someone young Americans can look up to and aspire to be someday.