A Reliable On-Air Legal Analyst – Karen DeSoto

There is no denying the fact that when complicated legal trials are presented to the public, a legal analyst can bring it into perspective, helping the viewer better understand the law and its implications.

About Karen DeSoto

A well-respected attorney, Karen DeSoto has experience in various areas that include election law, civil rights, employment discrimination, and criminal defense.

Apart from years of practice in the court room, DeSoto also appears on-air in popular shows such as The Today Show, MSNBC, and ABC News. She provides insights into the legal situations regarding high profile stories in the news.

Karen’s Role as an On-Air Legal Analyst / Media Commentator

Karen has appeared on television to weigh in on such cases as the Oscar Pistorius trial, Douglas Kennedy case, John Edwards case, Rutgers University spy case, Michael Jackson death, Bill Cosby, Robert Durst trial, to name but a few.

Karen speaks the audience in a way that bridges the legal jargon with the legal implications at hand, to give the viewer an inside look at the case. She explains the legal strategies and theories on a case by case basis.