3 Things You Can Learn From Karen DeSoto

The legal world is full of personalities to be admired. There are many people who you can look up to and learn so much from. One such name in the legal industry is Karen DeSoto. A well-known attorney at law, she is much more than that, and this gives us many reasons to be inspired from her. Here are three things from the various things that you can learn from this lady!

How to be Multi-Talented and Enjoy It? – Not just an attorney, Karen is multi-talented. She is a university professor who teaches young minds and inspires them, she is also a community activist and an ‘on-air’ legal analyst who has appeared on CNN, ABC News, Fox News, Court TV, MSNBC, The TODAY Show, and NBC News.

How to Make Sure you Study what You Love? – From the very beginning Karen Desoto knew that she is going to make it big in the legal world. Perhaps, this is the reason why she realized her passion and attended the Beasley School of Law at Temple University; where she obtained a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Law in Trial Advocacy. She understood that she needs to know the field better in order to do justice to her profession, and thus, studied well before pursuing her career in the legal world.

How to Serve the Community at Large? – Over the years, Karen DeSoto has remained completely involved in her community. She has worked Pro Bono for several civil rights cases, and her efforts have been recognized with the very many awards that she has received. Some of them being the Humanitarian of the Year by the Bayonne youth Center, Attorney of the Year by the Heritage Foundation, and the rest.