Why The IDR Has Become a Promising Institute in New Jersey?

The NJCU’s Institute for Dispute Resolution has brought a ray of hope for the people of New Jersey. Co-founded and co-directed by Karen DeSoto and DKaren Desotoavid Weiss, the Institute not only provides exceptional learning in the field of international negotiation and mediation, but also plays a crucial role through their applied research department in affecting policy.

Recently, the Garden State got a new law which has made it a lot friendlier toward international businesses than what it was before, and the credit goes to the IDR for proposing this legislation to the state Legislature. This legislation, which is known as the International Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation Act, was signed into law by the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie on February 7, 2017. The law is surely a boon for business owners who want to avoid lengthy legal battles, and is going to make the state a booming hub for businesses.

Steven Fulop, Jersey City’s Mayor recently said, “Our geographic location is really advantageous. We’re in proximity to the biggest media market in the world, huge financial services. If you’re going to have a global footprint, you’re going to have a presence generally in Manhattan. What we’ve tried to do over the past couple years is kind of make it a seamless transition from our waterfront all the way to Manhattan and we’ve attracted some really great corporations moving from elsewhere here.”

By contributing towards the development of this much-needed law, the Institute for Dispute Resolution is all set to change the face of business and trade in NJ.



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